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Company profile

Welcome to SKTECH, an established supplier of printed circuit boards(PCBs) and pcb punching tool in Shenzhen, China. With years of development, SKTECH has been a expert in pcb and  punching tool with better solutions and one-stop service.

We specialise in printed circuit board with epoxy glass material (FR-4 grade), high frequency material and metal core substrate,also in punching tool field , especially hydraulic tool and piercing tool for single-sided PCB. Our product now have found ready markets in more than 100 countries and regions in the world.Our PCB produtcs are used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, computer networking, safety and surveillance, power supply, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, RF and Microwave, Automotive Electronics, Satellite Equipment and LED Lighting etc.We realize that there is a lot of competition in the printed circuit board/PCB industry, but we are confident that our promise of quality, service and quick turn around times put us ahead of the curve. Not only will we show you that we are worthy of your business and trust, but we will show you why our customers always come back.

Our strong focus on customer service and technical leadership, as well as the quality and on-time delivery of our high technology PCBs has allowed SKTECH to build and maintain our reputation as the most reliable PCB supplier in whole world.

Why choose us

· Complete product portfolio ranging from low to high volume

· Reduced lead times for both prototypes and volume production

· Efficient global sales network

· Advanced technology & high reliability

· Global service covering the whole product life cycle and customer needs

· Qualified consultancy on feasibility, materials and build-up procedures

· (co-engineering & co-design)

· Collaboration with electronics organizations and research centers

· Quality assurance; certifications