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Detailed Product Description

  • Electrical Test:100% pass
  • Visual Inspection:100% pass

PCB Punching tool is widely used in PCB production process , it makes the manufacturing process easily and higher efficiency. SKTECH is a expert in PCB Punching tool field in Shenzhen China , it has experience engineers, advanced facilities, consummate technologies and our advanced quality management system.  Out tool quality are approved by all our customer .

Below is our PCB punching tool equipment :



Electronic vernier caliper 电子游标卡尺

8 set

Japan Brother CNC Drill Machine 切割机

7 set

Japan EW450K2 High Precision Wire Cutting Machine

Domestic Wire Cutting Machine 线切割机

22 set

High-speed Computer Numerical Control Vertical Machining Center V-30

高数电脑数控立式加工中心 V-30

4 set

Domestic Spark Punching Machine 火花打孔机

2 set

Spark Machine  火花机

2 set

Sandblasting Machine 喷砂机

2 set

Sawing Machine 锯床

4 set

Horizontal Milling Machine 铣床

4 set

Big&Small Size Drill Bed 大小钻床

30 set

Hand Grinding Machine 手摇磨床

2 set

Lathe 车床

2 set

Quenching Furnace 淬火炉

3 set

hydraulic cutting presser 大小啤机

2 set

Gong bed 锣床

3 set

Water grinder 水磨床

2 set

Planer 刨床

6 set

USA Hardness Tester 美国硬度计

4 set