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Lead time for quick turn PCB prototypes

As a quick turn PCB manufacturer, We fully understand short and accurate lead time is essential in today's rapidly changing market place. Customers need to know the exact date of the PCBs delivery so they can prepare the project schedules ahead of time.

The fabrication of quick turn PCB prototype is our characteristic service with great advantages, no matter for pricing or lead time, we could even provide 24-Hour quick turn PCB prototype manufacturing service if needed, normally our standard lead time for small & middle volume PCB starts from 8 to 15 working days, for quick turn PCB prototype, the fastest and standard lead time is listed as below,

Layer Fastest Lead Time Standard Lead Time
2 24 Hours 4 WD
4 48 Hours 5 WD
6 3 WD 6 WD
8 3 WD 7 WD
10 3 WD 8 WD
12 4 WD 8 WD
14 4 WD 9 WD
≥16 Up to difficulty Up to difficulty