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Impedance Controlled PCB

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Bing square image
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Detailed Product Description

  • Electrical Test:100% pass
  • Visual Inspection:100% pass

Quality Multilayer Lead Free HASL Controlled Impedance PCB Manufacturer, PTH PCB Green Solder Mask

Description of Model number SKTECH-0948-H1:

Item Requirement
Laminate Type  
Supplier ITEQ
Board thickness 1.60±10% mm
Outer copper foil >=35 um
Inner copper foil H/H OZ
Warp-twist <= 0.75%
legend Type  
Color White
Location CS
Marking Co.logo  
UL.logo YES
Date code WWYY
Marking form NA
Location CS
Min line width (mil) 6.5
Min line spacing (mil) 15
Min ring width (mil) NA


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